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Hi, I’m known as sungk on the interweb. I first started dabbling in game development in late 2015 and it’s been quite an adventure. I got my feet wet by creating short experimental works for game jams ran by the community on, which helped me set limitations and goals for each project. One of the game jams made me realize how much I enjoy making cute games, and so that became the theme I am currently leaning towards. Also, seeing another indie developer give a GDC talk about the power of cute games was very inspiring! Cuteness is a strength and should not be underestimated!

I like how easy it is right now for anyone to start making games. Indie games are super cool because they are personal creations that can connect deeply with other people. They also take a lot of effort to make so each game has to be important to the person making it. I believe every game should have a story it should tell, and good games find the best way to tell it.

I am currently using the Unity engine and will probably never have to stop learning it.

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